This new brand of fitness experience has been brought to life by Damian Wall.

In October 2009, founder of 4D Boxing and Fitness, Damian Wall found himself at a cross road. After many years of bad health and poor life choices, Damian decided that he would no longer continue to live a life of missed opportunity and sedentariness. He wanted to develop a powerful mindset and return his body to an optimal fitness level.

Damian was a very comfortable and common weight of 106kgs. He was a smoker and a binge drinker. He knew what he was supposed to eat but ate what was easy and tasted good. Damian would do enough exercise to able him to continue to make excuses for his lifestyle but not enough to make a difference. After a series of failed diets, shakes, appetite suppressants and countless cycle periods of binging and dieting, he finally took a stand. This time felt different, he knew no pill, no shake, no crash diet was going to help him. It was just him and the hard work that laid ahead.

November 5th 2009 was day one! Damian began the hard work towards attaining the goal. He started boxing, running, interval training and strength training. At this time he sought assistance from the coach of the local boxing club in Port Augusta, South Australia. In the following 30 days, Damian trained each day and developed a food plan consisting of food groups that was easy to follow.

December 5th 2010, just one measly month later, Damian weighed in at 91kgs.

In January 2010 at his son’s 2nd birthday he was weighing a much leaner weight of 83kgs just two months later.

By March 2010 Damian made it to 77kgs.

In May 2010 he participated and won an amateur boxing bout in Port Pirie, South Australia where he weighed in at 74kgs. He had gone from being clinically obese, to becoming an athelete.

Today Damian is a certified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer and is determined to help others forge their own journey to new found health and fitness. The most important thing is that Damian understands what its like to start from the point where it seems impossible and hopeless to make a change, to being in the best shape of his life.

4D Fitness Studio, and Damian, represent a true passion for health, vitality and achievement. Take the next step, maximise your fitness potential today and contact Damian now!
4D Fitness Studio
 ‘When true passion and fitness come together, there is only room for success"


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