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Let's get this clear right from the start. 4D Fitness Studio, was not developed for convenience, it was not developed to engage large groups of people in a session, it was not developed to ensure you pay next to nothing so that you willingly part with your money because it is cheap. 4D is all about the results. 4D was developed with INTEGRITY, PASSION and YOUR BEST INTERESTS at heart. We have developed and evolved the perfect place for you to come and train so that the only variable that could possibly diminish your results is you..... and we work tirelessly to ensure that can't happen. 4D Fitness Studio has set a high standard for its service delivery and accountability to YOU. 

4D Fitness studio utilises structured programming that allows you to monitor your progress. Every week, each day you will be able to physically see that you are getting somewhere. Due to the low participant numbers in sessions, you will feel as though you are in fact in your very own personal training session. 


Simply ask yourself, 

"Am I tired of never getting any closer to achieving any/all of my health and fitness goals?" 
"Have I been at my current training facility for longer than 2 months and are yet to see any notable strength or fitness increases?"
"Am I over paying my hard earned money and wasting my time for something isn't working for me?"
"Do I need a new challenge and want to train somewhere where I know I will be always progressing?"
"Do I want to train in an environment that is truly designed for success?"
"Do I want to train somewhere where I am given the knowledge and insight to all exercises to enable me to training effectively, efficiently and safely?"

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions you seriously need to contact 4D Fitness Studio and arrange a trial session.

Small Group Personal Training sessions have low numbers in each session. You have a program book to work from. The Studio is set up each day so that you can flawlessly execute your training program at the right intensity to ensure things work for you. 

All the things that work well, you will do at 4D Fitness Studio. Damian Wall, owner of 4D, became a personal trainer because he himself was sick and tired of sifting through the many time wasters out there who were training him with the view to destroy him in sessions. 

Its not what happens in the session that counts, its what you get from that session after that matters the most. Each session is a building block.

Contact 4D Fitness Studio NOW!

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